Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

How To Acquire Effective Sales Training

There is no doubt about it, in today's competitive business world, every business needs an edge over their competition in order to stay in business. Every business has salespeople, no matter how big they are or what they sell. In the past, each sales person has had his or her own technique in landing a sale. The techniques were always different and seldom worked for two or more people.In today's business world, with technology advancing everyday, it is necessary to have the not only the skills, but also the knowledge of how to connect with businesses on the other side of the world to make a sale. There are certain techniques that your sales for needs in order to keep you in business. This is when sales training can play a very important role for your business. Sales training is conducted by people who have been in sales for many years. The sales techniques that they teach are proven to be effective. The methods of sales that they teach are effective for any area of business. The training can be conducted in a few different ways. First hire- training sales people can be conducted at the time your sales person (s) are hired to insure training is to your specifications from day one.In office - training your in house salespeople right in your office can be don on a weekly or monthly basis. You can update the training without having to pay for costly business trips and hotels for your sales people. Online - if your salespeople are on the road, you can set up sales training sessions online for them to take when it is convenient for them. All they have to do is log into a specific website and take the course. Seminars - large companies often organize seminars to train their sales force. Weekend or weeklong sessions are filled with information from experienced sales trainers who offer the best techniques for today's changing world. Training your salespeople is a great benefit to any company. Whether it is big or small, it can teach your salespeople how to communicate with customers, as well as teach them how to interpret what their needs are and anticipate future needs. It can teach your salespeople how to close a sale quickly and effectively. Working in today's business world is vastly different from years gone by. With the inception of the Internet, businesses can compete on a global level. New businesses are started everyday on the Internet, and those who do not conform or keep up end up closing their doors. It is imperative that your business that your sales people are trained in all forms of sales, including Internet commerce. This type of training is the main focus of many sessions because there are many effective sales techniques that are taught. Many businesses that have initiated this type of training have seen positive results within the first few days of the sessions. They have seen an increase in sales, and profits and have accredited it to the training their sales force received.

Peter Geisheker

Senin, 26 Mei 2008

Why Network Marketing Companies are not Pyramid Schemes

Over the years, the term Pyramid Scheme has become synonymous with Network Marketing. Why? Who knows. Maybe someone coined the phrase after losing a lot of money on a networking system that didn't work. Or maybe the link came from the fact that there is a 95% drop out rate in the industry, and people automatically blame the business structure. Whatever the reason, Network Marketing is not a pyramid scheme designed to drain your savings account and put you in debt. Only individual people can make the decision to spend their money improperly. As far as I have seen in my twelve years of being a Network Marketer, no one has ever twisted my arm to do anything I didn't want to. There are lots of businesses that don't guarantee success. Business structure has nothing to do with success or failure. When it comes down to it, a pyramid is just a shape, and all business are pyramids. There is a CEO at the top, and everyone else falls underneath him or her. No one can make more money than the CEO, so the shape can never change. It will always be a pyramid. It builds out as you go down because there are more people make less and less money.In Network Marketing, you don't even need to build a team of people in the shape of a pyramid, square, or any other shape in order to make money. If you signed up as a distributor for a company, you can make a very good living simply selling products to customers at retail. Where is the pyramid? You're not building a team. It's just you.When you want to grow a successful business on the efforts of others, however, you do need to sign up at least one other person and teach them how to properly market your product or service. But just the same, you don't need a ton of people to earn a good living. What if you only signed up one person, who signed up one person, and so on. That looks more like a totem pole than a pyramid.In corporate America, no one ever makes more money than the top of the pyramid. That shape is never going to change. The CEO will always be at the top, and everyone else will always fill in the pyramid as the company sees fit. People can move freely throughout the pyramid, but no one can change the shape or climb higher than the CEO. That, to me, seems like a well-thought out scheme to run a business.In Network Marketing, it is totally possible to earn more money than the person who signed you up into your business. You are still located underneath them as far as placement, but you can move above them in profits, bonuses, royalties, and any other avenues of income you desire. Doesn't that make an upside down pyramid? And if you have total freedom over your income, where is the scheme?Most network marketers are, unfortunately, never properly trained on how to build a successful home-based business. This is the main reason for the 95% drop-out rate in the industry, and probably where someone felt like they were schemed. Companies must teach techniques that are very easy and simple for everyone to grasp and understand. They may work for some, but not for the vast majority.When you have a job and you want to get a promotion to move ahead, would you go to a college to learn new skills from a professor, or would you take tips from the person sitting in the next cubical who hasn't advanced in the past 10 years? You would put your trust in something that guarantees you success. It's the same for Network Marketing. You need to look elsewhere for education if you want to advance.There are proven ways of making things happen that are a whole lot easier, cheaper and less time consuming than what you are (probably) being taught. Your companies won't teach you these because it takes too much time to properly train you on how to be the CEO of your own company. Look for education that teaches proper marketing techniques with money back guarantees.When things aren't going the way you intended, the solution is not to bash an entire industry by calling it a pyramid scheme. Part of the process of building a successful network marketing business is becoming a leader. Leaders are willing to change their way of thinking in order to benefit their company. And they develop the kind of mindset that doesn't see pyramids.

William Winch

Internet Auction: a Powerful Business Tool

Internet auction is a powerful marketing tool, which if used effectively and efficiently can help your business grow rapidly. It is a process of bidding online for products and services. Internet auction web site makes use of auction software to regulate the buying and selling process. You can put your products for sale on sites that host auction for some amount of fees. Such sites usually do not have products of their own. They act as a market place for showcasing and selling products from various businesses.There are some sites that allow only businesses to auction their products for individual customers to buy. There are many popular online auction sites which allow individual users to either buy or sell second hand products. This is the main reason that the used goods market has seen gigantic growth. There are also websites that are specially meant for auction of particular category of products. Internet auction method has gained immense popularity with both buyers as well as sellers. It allows buyers to easily get their products to the customers looking for them and customers get the opportunity to buy them at a low price than usual without having to run from shop to shop. Customers can surf for the products that they are looking for in very little time as the products are bifurcated under various categories. Businesses are able to sell their products faster as they have the liberty to give a more detailed account of the product on sale. They can also use a lot of creativity where sites allow video promotions to be used. This attracts customers as they can compare different products with just a few clicks and take quick buying decisions. The setback here is that the customer has to rely on the information given as there is no possibility to verify it physically until the product is delivered. To overcome this many sites offer money back policy in case of damaged or faulty goods.Internet auctions have successfully broken the geographical barriers. Also there are no time constraints to the bidding process; it can be done at anytime, during day or night. It is also highly economical with numerous bidders and sellers making the process a highly profitable one for both the sides. The future of business lies in the maximum use of virtual world and this has been aptly proved by success of online auctions.


5 Ways Online Marketers Waste Time

Here's a challenge for you: For the next week document what you do online and how much time you spend doing it. The outcome may surprise you. The fact is that many online marketers fritter away more time online than they spend working on their businesses.It's tempting. It's time consuming. It's like tossing money to the wind.If you're not as productive as you'd like to be, take a step back and get very honest about how you're spending and/or wasting your time. Let's talk about some major time wasters and how you can stop stalling and start doing more:* Checking e-mail. Many of us spend far too much time getting distracted by mail. Do you find that you go back and forth between "real" work and e-mail? If so, carve out a specific time each day to read and respond to important messages. Unsubscribe to junk e-mail so you won't have to wade through it. If all else fails, log-out of your account to avoid the lure.* Browsing websites. This is a real temptation for many of us. If you must do research, you can always delegate someone else to do the legwork for you and narrow down the search so you can focus on making money. Then you can spend your time doing more productive tasks.* Doing something you're not good at. How many of us have said something like this: "If I can just learn web design, I can save tons of money by doing it myself." Right? WRONG. One of the biggest mistakes that online marketers make is trying to do it all. The time you're wasting stumbling through a project is time that you could be using for making money doing something you actually know how to do. Delegate the work or hire someone to do it. The longer you halt your progress with uneventful work, the longer it will take to earn some serious cash.* Instant Messaging. Yes, it's quick, convenient, and at the tip of your fingers, but it's also the biggest waste of your time...and addictive. Here's where you may have to break your addiction and just pick up the phone. You can get straight to the point without lag time, and then you can get back to the business at hand.* Online shopping. I know. I know. You can justify online shopping because you've just run out of staples. However, how many of us actually jump online, buy what we need, and get back to work five minutes later? This is another task you can delegate to someone else or schedule for a specific time each week. It's too easy to get pulled into the virtual shopping aisles, start shopping for other occasions, and neglect work for awhile.With so many temptations on the Internet, it's no wonder that many CEOs spend an average of only 38-48 minutes a day doing productive work. The Internet-although the greatest source of the online marketer's income-can also be the biggest detriment to earning money. Use it wisely, and your business will flourish. Use it foolishly, and your online business will flounder.

David Ledoux


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