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Video Marketing To Create Free Website Traffic

How to get web traffic, especially free web traffic, is always a million dollar question to every Internet marketer and online business owner. After all, no matter how good your products or services that you offer in your site are, they have no buyers if nobody comes to your site. Hence traffic is very crucial for your online business.

There are many ways to use video on the Internet to market your practice. The first is adding video to your exisiting website and the second is building a direct marketing dental video website from scratch. Every dentist that wants to compete for business on the Internet will eventually have to have some form of video content on their dental websites to maintain the standards that are currently being reached by some on the Internet. By building a dental video website from scratch you will be able to take full advantage of the technology available to you to create a unique and custom website that meets its objectives.

Internet video marketing can increase your web site traffic almost instantly once you post the right video. The best part of video marketing is that except for the cost of producing the video it's all free. You can increase your web site traffic by thousands all for the cost of the video. And some videos are so low tech they can be made with a small digital camera or even a camera phone.

Using an Internet video marketing campaign along with search engine optimization and search engine marketing is the best way to advertise your website and increase your web site traffic. Forget about expensive web advertising that doesn't work.

You can use the free social networking and marketing tools on the Internet to increase web site traffic and take your business to the next level and double or triple the number of hits that you get on your website everyday. A few words of caution though - when you're producing internet videos don't make them too high tech or over produced.

Keep in mind that some people will be viewing the video on a slow internet connection. Make a video that will load quickly and play fast so that people can view it even if they don't have a high speed Internet connection or offer two versions of the video with one optimized for high speed connections and one optimized for slower connections.

Some of the ways that website promotion occurs and that can increase website traffic is through the use of SEO, viral marketing, and internet campaigns which each play a significant part in creating a successful web presence. SEO techniques help to build page ranking and increase website traffic through the use of things like back linking, and directory submissions.

The use of viral marketing, mailing lists, word of mouth and video marketing helps to increase website traffic by reaching out and using existing social networks and structures for website promotion. In addition, Internet campaigns help places ads on relevant sites or keyword related sites in order to help increase traffic, promotion and can create an additional source of revenue from your site.

Obviously it is of no benefit to have a strong web site marketing campaign, including a powerful_streaming_video_advertisement, if your web site has limited internet visibility. Everyone today focuses on search_engine_optimization which can have significant benefits when done properly. But unfortunately the complexity coupled with the dynamic structure where the rules are constantly changing, make it almost impossible for a business owner to effectively run a successful SEO campaign. Obviously you can hire a firm to do it for you but beware because many of these firms charge an excessive fee while offering little in terms of results.

When it comes to taking your online business to the next level, break free from the chains of one-dimensional selling. Studies have shown that online video significantly increases conversion rate over sales copy alone. Remember?Use the same sales strategies that you use with sales copy. Sell the sizzle not the steak, and end with a strong call to action that gives your website visitor a strong incentive to buy.

Submit your internet marketing videos to the venues computer turn to for videos, such as YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! One great benefit to submitting with one or all of these is that your video will be hosted for free, keeping your website bandwidth for your customers.

Videos and video marketing are not just here to stay, they are the future of online marketing. As the larger corporations including TV and movie makers are now using his medium, it makes sense to join the party. Video marketing is one of the fastest growing online tactics with an audience that is hungry for more - so long as it is reasonable good quality and entertaining.

Video marketing can be an excellent way to generate web site traffic. Video marketing is essentially free (other than the cost of the camera to shoot the video) and can be a very powerful strategy in getting targeted traffic back to your site, as well as in other facets of the marketing process like building relationships and branding yourself.

Proper website promotion is the key to creating increase web traffic results, page ranking, and the increase in revenue that every business desires when establishing a website. Using the Internet as a media to reach a potential 729 and 785 million customers, can be a large boost to any company?s consumer reachable market and potential revenue possibilities. Thousands of businesses cannot be wrong so consider what Internet marketing can do for you and your business today.

Video marketing is like a double edged sword. You gain views from people who look at your video and you gain search engine visibility. This is what has every Internet Marketer and online guru going crazy. Online Video Marketing has double impact in a short period of time.

Look at the evolution from where the internet first started. It started out with everything being free. Natural search was first starting. You could actually go to the top of a natural search engine within a day or two of launching a site and start getting traffic almost immediately.

Where you place your video on your website can mean the difference between success and failure. You want to make sure that you put it where it will be seen. It should get prominent placement.

Todd Ash

Social Networking Security and Safety Precautions

Kids and teenagers tend to browse social networking sites a lot – it is where they get news, meet new friends and share pictures or videos among other things that they can do in these sites. However, social networking sites prove to make kids and teens vulnerable as they post personal information for the whole internet world to see, making them easy preys for online predators.

Here are some tips that will help in protecting kids and teens when they browse and use social networking sites:

1.Understand the site – you won't know what you're dealing with until you've checked it out for yourself. Read the privacy policy, terms of usage and conduct, find out which kinds of people use the site.

2.Review pages – it would be best if you knew what your child or teen is putting on his/her profile page. Try to look at it objectively – meaning, you don't intrude into their private lives as long as they aren't doing anything wrong. Although if you see something on their pages that are against your rules, talk to them about it and tell them to remove it.

3.Set internet rules – just as you have house rules, you must be clear about setting some internet rules that the kids must abide with, otherwise, they lose their browsing privileges.

4.Don't let kids and teens meet anyone they met online – with all the news we hear about online predators and their young victims, I think this point is clear enough and self-explanatory. We don't want our kids to be the next one to be reported.

5.Private information should remain private – remind your kids and teens not to use their real names, or at the very least, not their full names. They should also know that home addresses, landline numbers, web messenger ids and cellphone numbers must not be publicly seen on their profiles. If possible, they shouldn't be putting those at all.

6.Look for alternatives – there are a lot of social networking sites today, and some offer a good security measure to avoid anything that we don't want to happen. Especially to our children. Advice your kids and teens to set the privacy of their profiles, limiting the views only to people they personally know.

7.Be cautious about media – photographs and personal videos must not give away personal details like addresses, schools and car plates. Be sure to check the pictures and videos that your children are uploading.

8.Emotions should be kept in check – kids, teens especially, tend to post highly-emotional entries on their blogs that some social networking sites provide. Advise them not to do this often as they tend to become more vulnerable to online predators. Warn them about the danger they might be in if they keep posting their personal feelings this way.

9.Use web filters – this can help in keeping your kids and teens away from the bad sites, images, videos and other online materials that they should not be exposed to.

10.Removing profile pages – if all else fails, you can contact the webmasters of the social networking sites your children belong to and ask them to delete your child's profile permanently.

These are just some basic steps on how to protect your kids and teens from the dangers social networking sites may pose. There are other things that a parent can do if they feel that their child really is in danger, but it is always a good idea to apply the necessary precautions to avoid dealing with something bigger and nastier in the future.



The Promotional Gifts Guide - Why Time and People Matter

Within all organisational environments we have become accustomed to immediate information access. Our working days are forever crammed with more tasks and information that in any other generation. The office systems that have enabled this have also given us the power to make instant amendments to data and documents. We have become accustomed to on-demand websites, instant emails and messenger software packages. Yet we fail to take into account the fact that an internet page that takes less than a second to load, contains information that may have taken several days to collate and upload by a team of people including marketing, creatives and web developers. We operate in the belief that anyone can correct errors and amendments within minutes and quickly generate new output.

To explain the impact this mindset can have on the delivery of promotional gifts we need to discuss how printers work. The keys to on time delivery include: stock availability, production capacity and printer ready artwork. Often a promotional company will have made the gift stock available and booked time with a printer, sometimes in a different country and/or on a 24-clock hour basis. The final element is then the promotional artwork.

Promotional artwork is the file sent to a printer containing a client imprint and all the information required to reproduce it. The file will be generated as a vector file either in-house at the promotional gifts company or by the client themselves or their agency. It is fair to say that over ninety percent of delivery delays are related to promotional artwork.

Printing presses are like taxis. When they are idle they are not earning money and so printers will invariably backlog a print job missing final artwork. They will put the next job onto the presses as a one-off batch or combination run. In the latter, a printer may combine several client prints into one large run to achieve a lower unit cost price. This is common with volume four-colour process printed items and helps to lower unit costs. The more that can be printed in a single run, the lower the unit cost and the greater the quantity the set up costs can be spread over.

So what can delay artwork approval? In a word “procrastination”. Imagine that it takes a promotional company less than ten minutes to amend a piece of artwork, produce a PDF and send to a client for approval. The time for approval can then expand to several hours or days depending upon how busy the client is and the number of sign-offs required.

All gift quotations will typically quote a lead time but this is nearly always quoted from the date of artwork approval. When the approval form is sent to a client, they can sometimes put off reviewing the artwork, awaiting a quieter time in their working day. Alternatively they may simply not give the artwork enough time for a full review and make amendments which they decide later do not look right. This can lead to clients falling into an amendment-approval cycle lasting several days or even weeks.

The size of the decision-making team can also impact the approval process. Within a small-to-medium sized enterprise, gift projects will probably involve only one or two key individuals, often a proprietor, Managing Director and/or Marketing Manager. In larger organisations, there may be a more diversified cross-functional team and even an outside advertising or creative agency.

So, the key is to make sure your artwork is ready at an earlier stage within the promotional gifts campaign, signed off and only requiring scaling to the print area available.

Dawn Koffler

Basic Tools for Effective Branding

What costs more, a branded or generic product? Obviously, a branded product. Why is that? The answer is because a branded product carries with it a reputation and a personality. Consumers immediately recognize it and the message it represents. Creating a brand is an arduous task that is an ongoing process. Creating a positive brand identity serves as a vital underpinning to all future marketing efforts.

Your brand is your product's and company's personality. It conveys and image and feeling. All of your branding efforts must reinforce and instill that feeling. For example, when using flyer printing make sure it is colorful and exciting. Each piece of marketing copy put in the public domain has impact upon the perception of your brand. One negative impression can forever taint a given customer.

For this reason it is often wise to appoint one person within your organization to review all aspects of marketing to ensure this doesn't happen. Someone who is analogous to a brand "policeman". Much time and resources go into your brand development. Having this brand guardian helps prevent diluting it with one careless error like sending out a drab mailing as opposed to full color brochures.

Every little detail counts and each item that meets the public eye deserves scrutiny. Attention is needed concerning everything to the next time you print business card batches to everyday folder printing. Each impression upon a potential customer needs to reinforce and solidify your brand. Your message must be consistent. Consumers are very unforgiving even if it involves a single faux paux.

Today, the online interactive world obviously provides great tools for brand development. Niche markets can be targeted using multimedia and allowing for vital consumer feedback. Affiliate marketing with a company in another industry can be useful especially if you share an overlapping audience. Selection of a partner should be done with care and under the strict eye of the brand "policeman".

Many companies find charitable participation both fulfilling as well as brand enhancing. When you select a cause with which your market identifies, then you accomplish both good works as well as increasing goodwill. A brand is more than a color or catch phrase. It is a feeling and a personality. Consumers tend to personify a product. Make yours act like a good person.

A branding effort never ends. The country's oldest and most revered brands are always refined and kept fresh. The mood of the marketplace changes and evolves. Demographics change. It is imperative to keep attuned to your marketplace and adjust your brand along with the evolving desires of your customers. Many studies have shown it takes over 10 impressions for a brand to first stick. It then requires many more to continue to retain the aura and personality you so desire. Never get complacent. Nurture and protect your brand and it will pay you back many times over.

Kaitlyn Miller


Unique Identification and Its Application to the Dod

UID or Unique Identification is a system of establishing universally unique identifiers within the Department of Defense (DoD), United States. Also referred as Item Unique Identification (IUID) in the DoD jargon, this is a combination of standard norms laid down by the DoD for all assets and personal properties including assets in the possession of the contractors. UID helps the Department of Defense to track the items and mange the inventory in its UID registry. As per the DoD mandate, these properties must be marked with a unique serialized identification number in compliant with MIL STD 130. UID or IUID helps the Department of Defense differentiate a separate entity or relationship from other like or unlike entities or relationships. According to the UID specifications of the DoD, all qualifying government items including any fresh requisitioned government PIPC (property in possession of the contractors) or legacy with an objective of placing 100% of property and deliverables in the new UID Registry, should be UID compliant.

The Department of Defense marks the tangible items with a unique identifier (UID) in the form of a number, character string, or sequence of bits assigned to separate entity or its relevant attribute that uniquely distinguish it from other like and unlike entities. As a matter of fact, each and every unique identifier can have only one occurrence within its stipulated scope of use. The IUID is physically marked on tangible assets with the use of a 2D data matrix with ISO 15434 format.

With the UID compliance system in place, the DoD can easily achieve continuous reporting via their Wide Area Workflow System and IUID registry with appropriate UID marking and UID scanning of each and every item at its disposal. Therefore, it has become very important for companies to devise and adopt methods that are UID compliant.

Id Integration

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Use Stickers To Brand Your Business

While the terms "label" and "sticker" are often used interchangeably, they are in reality two very similar but different products. Whereas a label is generally used only as a functional item to identify a product, stickers can perform this same function but have a much more versatile and widespread usage.Stickers are basically one-sided artifacts that are printed on paper, cloth, metal, polymer plastics or foil and have an adhesive added to the back so it can be attached to an object. For the purpose of identifying a product in a glass or plastic container, the adhesive will be of the permanent variety and not intended to be removed. This process is much less expensive than printing on the actual container even if it is a printable material.Removable adhesive can be used in the cases of items that need identifying but do not require the identifying sticker to be left on the object. This type of sticker adhesive has enough holding power to stay on the product or item but not so much that it will tear the sticker or leave adhesive residue behind when it is removed.With the many uses of stickers for product identification there have been various adhesives produced. Some are formulated to withstand temperatures in the freezing range. Peel able adhesives are for stickers that need to be used several times and can be re-attached. Post-It Note (tm) adhesive was developed as an accident while researching new adhesives for stickers.Despite the thousands of commercial and industrial uses for stickers, these ubiquitous attachable items have even more uses in the private sector. Return address stickers make colorful additions to the envelope of your letters and saves time by not having to write it out or go to the greater expense of pre-printing envelopes. Voicing your opinion in public is easy when you put a bumper sticker on your car. As a memento of your journeys, a sticker on your luggage of every city you have visited has become a cultural tradition.Children of all ages have taken advantage of the cheap cost and colorful variety to place stickers on just about any flat surface the world presents. Whether brightening up your schoolbooks or adding a touch of life and personality to the work cubicle, stickers can quietly demonstrate your likes and dislikes. A quick glance at the stickers you have surrounded yourself with can give a glimpse of the real you and are often the ice-breaking touch that can start a dialog with a newfound friend.Stickers do not even have to be flat. Plastic stickers can be produced that have a foam insert between the printed layer and the adhesive layer which is then heat-sealed to produce "puffy" labels that are soft and responsive to the touch. A waterproof clear coating can be put over the printing on a sticker and make it last even out of doors.Stickers can be obtained in many forms. Whether produced on a flat sheet and die-cut so they can be removed from the substrate individually or obtained on a roll to fit in a sticker dispenser they are handy and convenient to use. Stickers have become so popular that you can obtain blank sticker sheets from any office supply and print your own stickers with your computer printer or on a copier machine.

Daniel Millions


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