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Use Stickers To Brand Your Business

While the terms "label" and "sticker" are often used interchangeably, they are in reality two very similar but different products. Whereas a label is generally used only as a functional item to identify a product, stickers can perform this same function but have a much more versatile and widespread usage.Stickers are basically one-sided artifacts that are printed on paper, cloth, metal, polymer plastics or foil and have an adhesive added to the back so it can be attached to an object. For the purpose of identifying a product in a glass or plastic container, the adhesive will be of the permanent variety and not intended to be removed. This process is much less expensive than printing on the actual container even if it is a printable material.Removable adhesive can be used in the cases of items that need identifying but do not require the identifying sticker to be left on the object. This type of sticker adhesive has enough holding power to stay on the product or item but not so much that it will tear the sticker or leave adhesive residue behind when it is removed.With the many uses of stickers for product identification there have been various adhesives produced. Some are formulated to withstand temperatures in the freezing range. Peel able adhesives are for stickers that need to be used several times and can be re-attached. Post-It Note (tm) adhesive was developed as an accident while researching new adhesives for stickers.Despite the thousands of commercial and industrial uses for stickers, these ubiquitous attachable items have even more uses in the private sector. Return address stickers make colorful additions to the envelope of your letters and saves time by not having to write it out or go to the greater expense of pre-printing envelopes. Voicing your opinion in public is easy when you put a bumper sticker on your car. As a memento of your journeys, a sticker on your luggage of every city you have visited has become a cultural tradition.Children of all ages have taken advantage of the cheap cost and colorful variety to place stickers on just about any flat surface the world presents. Whether brightening up your schoolbooks or adding a touch of life and personality to the work cubicle, stickers can quietly demonstrate your likes and dislikes. A quick glance at the stickers you have surrounded yourself with can give a glimpse of the real you and are often the ice-breaking touch that can start a dialog with a newfound friend.Stickers do not even have to be flat. Plastic stickers can be produced that have a foam insert between the printed layer and the adhesive layer which is then heat-sealed to produce "puffy" labels that are soft and responsive to the touch. A waterproof clear coating can be put over the printing on a sticker and make it last even out of doors.Stickers can be obtained in many forms. Whether produced on a flat sheet and die-cut so they can be removed from the substrate individually or obtained on a roll to fit in a sticker dispenser they are handy and convenient to use. Stickers have become so popular that you can obtain blank sticker sheets from any office supply and print your own stickers with your computer printer or on a copier machine.

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